Top 10 Nut Free Easter Eggs

Top 10 Nut Free Easter Eggs

The Easter Egg Hunt is one of the popular activities done during a sunny Easter Sunday morning. Children are each given a  basket that they can fill with goodies, including the Easter Eggs that are hidden all around the area. This can be done indoors or outdoors and it is usually the parents who hid the eggs the night before. At the end of the fun the children can take the chocolate Easter Eggs home and enjoy their prizes.

But there are some things that you need to consider when giving out chocolate filled Easter Eggs. There can be children who have allergies to peanuts that involved in the festivities. So if you don’t want to spoil the fun on this special day, it would be best if you give out certified nut free Easter Eggs to the children. To help you choose the best brands of peanut free Easter Eggs, here’s a list of the Top 10 nut free Easter Eggs.


Premium Chocolatiers – This company is known not only for their nut free Easter Eggs but also for chocolate products that are free from other food allergens like dairy, soy, egg and gluten. Aside from Easter they also have products for other holidays. You can buy Premium Chocolatiers nut free easter eggs at:

Amanda’s Own Confections – This is another great brand that offers nut free Easter Eggs and other chocolate products that are also free from egg, dairy, and gluten. You can buy Amanda’s Own Confections nut free easter eggs at: AmandasOwn.Com

Vermont Nut Free – They have been making nut free Easter Eggs and other nut free products for several decades now. Their products are labeled with a guarantee that they are safe for people with allergies to peanuts and nuts. You can buy Vermont Nut Free easter eggs at: VermotNutFree.Com

Huey’s Nut Free Chocolate – All of their chocolate products are guaranteed to be nut free. They also make candy bars and chocolate bars in different shapes. You can buy Huey’s Nut Free Chocolate at: HueysNutFreeChocolate.Com

Chocoley – The company that manufactures Chocoley products has already created more than 20 variants of chocolate products that are peanut free which include fondue and liquid chocolate. Their products are also gluten free so they are proven to be safe for people with celiac disease. You can buy Chocoley nut free easter eggs at: Chocoley.Com

Divvies – This brand is known for their nut free confectionaries like candies, cookies, popcorn, cupcakes and chocolates. These are also dairy free and gluten free products. You can buy Divvies nut free easter eggs at: Divvies.Com

A Sweet Delight – This is another good brand of peanut free chocolates, perfect for making your nut free Easter Eggs. Their website is filled with information regarding their products and all the ingredients that they use in making their chocolates. You can buy A Sweet Delight nut free easter eggs at: ASweetDelightNutFree.Com

Indulge in Chocolate – Their chocolate products undergo a strict quality test to make sure that they are all free from nuts and dairy. This brand is known for their vegetarian, egg free and lactose free premium chocolates. You can buy Indulge in Chocolate nut free easter eggs at:

Simply Nut Free Chocolates – If you are fond of European style chocolates, then this brand of nut free chocolate is for you. Their milk, dark and white chocolate products are all tested to be nut free. You can buy Simply Nut Free Chocolates easter eggs at: SimplyNutFree.Com

Dairy Free Chocolates – Last in our list of nut free Easter Eggs are the chocolates by Dairy Free Chocolates. Their products are all made from roasted cocoa beans and other natural ingredients. They also doesn’t contain any milk, nuts or gluten. You can buy Dairy Free Chocolates nut free easter eggs at: